Grants to boost Queensland’s science engagement


Supporting STEM Education and Community Engagement

The Palaszczuk Government’s Engaging Science Grants Program aims to bolster science education and community involvement in Queensland. By providing over $700,000 in funding, the grants support forty-one diverse events and projects, ranging from studying manta rays’ population data to using artificial intelligence for Great Barrier Reef research. The focus is on inspiring students to pursue STEM subjects, promoting STEM careers, and fostering awareness of groundbreaking scientific endeavors within the community.

Diverse Recipients of Engaging Science Grants

Schools, universities, citizen science groups, and various organizations across Queensland are among the recipients of the Engaging Science Grants. The grants, which can reach up to $20,000, are awarded to passionate entities that strive to connect Queenslanders with science and scientists. Projects such as Griffith University’s ‘SPASE 2.0’ and the collaboration with Gilmore Space Technologies demonstrate the program’s commitment to involving under-represented groups, including First Nations peoples, girls and women, and disadvantaged communities.

Empowering Communities through Citizen Science

The Engaging Science Grants also prioritize citizen science projects that encourage volunteers to contribute to valuable Queensland research. By involving the community in data collection and analysis, the grants foster engagement with scientists and raise awareness of ongoing scientific initiatives in the region. Such participation reinforces the notion that scientific innovation and discovery are essential for a sustainable and prosperous society.

Encouraging STEM Exploration and Innovation

The SPASE (School STEM Program about Space Exploration) initiative, spearheaded by Griffith University, exemplifies the impact of Engaging Science Grants on STEM education. With a significant grant of $19,803 for their ‘SPASE 2.0’ project, the university will involve students from regional areas of Queensland in building a small satellite capable of gathering real-time data on Earth’s magnetic field fluctuations. This hands-on experience not only delves into the wonders of space but also cultivates essential science and technology skills, inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM fields.

Investing in Queensland’s Future

Minister for Science Leanne Linard emphasizes the critical role of STEM in addressing global challenges and shaping the future. By investing in STEM projects and directing funding towards under-represented groups, the Engaging Science Grants program contributes to building a sustainable and thriving society. Scientific innovation remains pivotal, and Queensland’s commitment to supporting STEM initiatives ensures a bright future for the state and its communities.